Media Planning and Buying

Save time and money with Incline’s Media Planning Tool which generates optimised schedules at the touch of a button. This is done by selecting the spots with the lowest predicted cost per lead while simultaneously managing additional parameters such as your budget, shoulder vs prime time spots, and the time of day the leads are required.

By combining the strength of our bespoke Media Planning Tool with our negotiation skills in getting the best deals for our clients we offer a competitive edge especially for the direct response industry.

Know how to get the most out of your campaign and your creative with our monthly feedback reports. Exceptional analysis of campaign data coupled with industry leading insight and analytically based recommendations allows you to manage your campaign in a scientific manner that gives guaranteed campaign improvement.

Business Insights and Reporting

Dashboard reporting enables you to make real-time decisions based on live, accurate data and analytical insights. User specific logins mean that you can restrict views according to user while still ensuring that accurate reports are created from a universal data feed.

Empirically decide which strategy or model produces the best results with champion-challenger testing. Incline can assist in determining which metrics are relevant, monitoring the metrics, and setting out decision milestones for implementation.

Predictive and Advanced Modelling

As a market leader in predictive analytics and data handling, our models have helped our clients make decisions that have had ROI’s in excess of 50%. Examples of where we have deployed models include response models, consumer credit risk models, Insurance payment and claim risk models as well as models to predict responses from television ads.

Incline’s in-house model building tool Autobot designed by analysts for analysts provides multiple business benefits. The large time savings enabled by the tool’s automation allows for optimized resource allocation, lowered costs associated with model building, and a faster response time to changes in the industry. Multiple techniques are tested within the model and allows the user to choose the best model which could be based on model performance or operational constraints.

Incline’s culture of learning and innovation ensure that our solutions evolve by taking advantage of improving techniques to address the business challenges that our clients face. This is includes the investigation of techniques like Neural Net, Gradient boosting etc. to deal with challenges such as audio / visual data.

analytical consulting

With international expertise across a wide range of industries, Incline guarantees you a unique, data driven strategy that can be smoothly implemented within your existing processes.

Projects include investigating the effectiveness of an alert system for a Middle Eastern credit bureau, advising on how to increase bank card uptake in East Africa, and developing facial recognition algorithms for security purposes.

Incline’s data handling experience will help you unlock additional insight from your data. Companies underutilise their data sets because the data’s format or location is hard to access. Incline’s data exploration will give you fresh insights into your business.