Silly Season or Selling Season – How to make the most of your sales leads this December.

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It’s the holiday season and businesses around the globe are doing swift trade. Shoppers are parting with their cash and consumers and businesses alike are filled with festive cheer. However, it’s not all egg nog and present packing for some businesses. Those that are reliant on direct marketing via call centres instead of foot traffic (for sales), have their jobs cut out for them. Competition at this time of year can be fierce and it is more important than ever to manage your direct marketing leads well to ensure maximum share of wallet.

Time and time again the link between good lead management and increased sales figures has been shown. Return on campaign investment is impacted greatly by factors such as the length of delay in contacting the lead, accuracy of lead data and matching of each lead to the call centre most likely to make the sale. Without a good lead management system in place, rookie errors like repeat dialling duplicate leads and lack of predictive analytics on the incoming leads, limit the success of the sales campaign. Case studies show that as much as 30% improvement on sales rate is possible when using a lead management system.

Many articles have been written about the benefits of using lead management systems but not much has been written about how to identify a good system. To help you we have put together a little checklist of what you should look for when shopping for a lead management system (LMS or CRM as some of you may refer to it).

A good LMS offers the following to Direct Marketing Campaigns:

1.) The ability to receive leads from multiple affiliates

2.) The ability to receive leads from multiple channels (sms, web, tv, etc)

3.) The ability to dedupe leads across internal and external Opt Out lists

4.) The ability to deploy leads to multiple sales channels (i.e. internal and external call centres)

5.) The ability to aggregate all the leads enabling advanced data analytics on any campaign in any channel

6.) The ability to compare the cost per sale, per channel and per source in order to determine the best converting leads from an ROI perspective.

These features while important are not sufficient on their own for success. The LMS you choose should also have the following technology characteristics:

1.) Quick Integration: can be deployed timeously both internally and with outsourced partners. Typical development and testing speed should be less than a month.

2.) Cloud Based: allows for remote installation of the LMS both locally and internationally.

3.) Secure: Typical SSH256 encryption and multiple separate servers are the minimum required to keep client information confidential and secure.

4.) Real Time Monitoring: Effective and dynamic decisions cannot be made with 24 hour old information, your LMS must provide real time monitoring so decisions can be made quickly.

5.) Fast & robust: Received and delivered leads must be processed within seconds to give your LMS the competitive advantage in the marketplace.

By applying these checklists before shopping for your LMS, you can avoid ruining your new year with buyer’s remorse. Have a great selling season!

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