Serious about social investment

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“It is better to give than to receive”.

Over the years the management and staff at Incline have come and gone but this important value has remained an integral part of what it means to be an Incliner. Incline takes social investment very seriously both on a corporate level and from a staff perspective.

We believe that by supporting education our actions will have a knock on effect and continue to benefit South Africa into the future. For this reason Incline has looked to support tutoring programmes, school feeding schemes and opened Incline Academy. In addition to this, staff are encouraged to present ideas for charities that they personally feel strongly about and those are added into the mix.

Let’s take a look at what 2016 held for our charities:

  • Buphumelele child- headed households helps with housing and daily living needs of child-headed households (no adult in the family) in Cape Town. We held a food drive and collected in excess of 9 grocery bags of food items.
  • Greenpop is an organisation that plants trees in communities that need them. Incline staff had a morning out of the office where they donated and planted 15 trees.
  • Ever heard of Cool2BeKind and the Santa Shoe Box project? This is run by Kids2Kids. This winter they needed blankets and Incline was able to donate x new blankets.
  • Elizabeth Yolisa Home is an orphanage in Fish Hoek, Cape Town that we have supported for many years. This year we were able to donate a washing machine, mattresses and be actively involved in their Christmas party.
  • New Dawn (Athlone, Cape Town) is a tutoring and feeding scheme in Cape Town. Incliners enjoyed making sandwiches for the children who attended the afternoon tutoring sessions.
  • Mustafin Foundation focuses on education, poverty eradication and community development. They were in need of second hand clothing and Incline came to their aid collecting 4 large boxes of clothing.
  • It is important to us that we not only donate money and items but that we also donate of our time. A group of Incliners headed off to Stop Hunger to participate in a food packing event.
  • Knowing we could still do more, Incline’s staff decided to host a table tennis tournament in order to raise funds that we donated to Stop Hunger and The Peninsula School Feeding Association. Players had to pay to enter and an amazing amount of R18 000 was raised for these two charities.
  • Building Blocks is an orphanage right on Incline’s doorstep in Pinelands. In addition to donating some of our time to spend with the children, Incliners donated two large boxes of books for the children to enjoy.
  • A jointly beneficial project for Incline and St Luke’s Hospice (Grassy Park, Cape Town) was the regular support of the St Luke’s food drives. Incliner’s got to enjoy a tasty lunch while supporting a very worthy cause.
  • Last, but by no means least, was Incline Academy. The Academy aims to help improve the mathematics levels of matriculants allowing them to rewrite Gr.12 Maths in order to gain entrance into tertiary education. This year the Academy had 9 pupils and as soon as the Matric results are announced we will update you with their progress on our Facebook page.

Plans are already underway for 2017 and it promises to be just as full a year:

  • Incline Academy aims to expand dramatically to 20 students by collaborating with FastMaths (do we have a website address for them). By working with FastMaths, Incline Academy will be able to more effectively train second language English speakers as this online resource is available in alternative languages. We are excited about the powerful combination of FastMaths with our own onsite teacher and are expecting great progress next year. Should you wish to apply for Incline Academy please click here (add an application link to career section)/please contact Incline on 021 531 8514
  • Elizabeth Yolisa Children’s Home will have an easier start to the school year with their stationery being provided for them by Incline.
  • Continued support is planned for New Dawn and St Luke’s Hospice.
  • Watch our Facebook page during the year to see what else we get up to.

If while reading this, any of the above charities grabbed your interest and you would like to help support them, please either click on their name to link to their website or contact Incline for more information.

This 2017 our challenge to you is to get involved. Give of your time, your money or donate items you don’t use anymore to bless someone else. It doesn’t matter what you do. It matters that you do something.