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Incline is pleased to welcome three new analysts to the team: Abeedah Kadri, Nyasha Mawire, Professor Shabangu. All three completed the intensive six month training internship developed by Incline. The training programme included being exposed to a variety of programming languages, developing workplace skills while working on an assortment of real project based exercises, and gaining tools.  The internship created a bridge for university graduates to transition into a workplace; by working on challenging real problems, the interns have been able to apply their excellent theoretical backgrounds in a practical sense, while receiving constructive criticism and guidance from the analysts.

Abeedah Kadri holds a Bsc. Chemical Engineering from UCT. She enjoys outdoor activities: particularly hiking and snorkeling.

This internship has been a rewarding experience. It has challenged me and allowed me to grow as an individual with regards to my thinking and how I approach problems. I have acquired many useful technical skills that are applicable across most industries which means I will remain a valuable asset regardless of where I find myself. One of the key lessons I have learnt is to properly utilize the resources of your surroundings by questioning your more experienced co-workers around you if you do not understand something. This collaboration allows you to understand problems and find solutions faster. Incline is a great company to find yourself in as a fresh graduate, they encourage personal growth have a healthy company culture.

Abeedah Kadri
Nyasha Mawire holds MSc. in Mechanical Engineering from UCT. He enjoys football, travelling and outdoor activities.

During the internship programme, I learned and gained an appreciation for the need to comprehensively understand a problem before you attempt to solve it as well as the impact of effective communication. Incline also possesses a rich source of knowledge and experience to draw from in the form of established analysts that are easily approachable which has benefited me greatly through my interactions with them. On a lighter note, Incline provides a fun working environment where you can de-stress through playing pool and table tennis (just to name a few) which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Overall, it has been a challenging but very fulfilling experience that I would urge anyone to go through if you want to develop personally as well as technically in the data science field.

Nyasha Mawire
Professor Shabangu has a BSc in Mathematics and Astrophysics.

Incline has vibrant personalities, with great work ethics. What we learned here resembles the lessons we have in University but with so much more application which makes it more engaging. Maq and Paul, are forward-thinking individuals, this rubs off to the teams and evident each day of the week. Incline has the versatility to engage in many fields of data science. This according to me, is a great trait thus making Incline a great place to be as the digital age begins.

Professor Shabangu

We wish the new analysts the very best of success in their careers, and continue to enjoy their presence at the office.

Applications for Incline’s April 2020 intake for the New Analyst Training Programme are open till 29 February 2020. To apply, send us your CV and cover letter to recruitment@incline.co.za. Single-round interviews will take place during February and March 2020.

For more information, visit our website www.incline.co.za and send your queries to info@incline.co.za