Meet the Analyst: Jan Oberholzer

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Incline’s tagline  “Driven by Data. Powered by Genius.” encapsulates what’s best about Incline. As well using the latest analytical methods and tools, our analyst team works with our clients to help them grow their businesses. Thus, we’re starting a new monthly segment to find out more about Incline’s analysts and how they’re helping our clients. This month we start with Jan Oberholzer.

Who are you?

Hi my name is Jan Oberholzer, Analyst at Incline Solutions. A fun fact about me is that I can complete the rubix cube in under 2 minutes and I also have acridophobia which is a not so fun fact I guess.

What’s your background?

Born in the North-West, moved to Gauteng but spent most of my life on a small farm in the Western-Cape. I went to an Agricultural school in Western-Cape where my life goal was to become a professional sportsman but after school I went to study at NWU-Potchefstroom where I graduated with a degree in Quantitative Risk Management.


How long have you worked at Incline?

I have been with Incline for about 2 and a half years now, including the Incline Internship which I completed in the first 6 months of my employment. 

How are you currently helping Incline’s clients?

Currently I am involved in a team that does the Optimization of Marketing Spend for one of our clients. Where we combine multiple sources of data to analyze historical performance so that we can predict future behavior. These results are then implemented and feedback is given to the client in terms of reports, which ranges from overall monthly packs to daily reporting dashboards. I am also involved in some process-flow optimization for a client where the main objective is to understand a process and optimize the efficiency of data flow within that process by applying an automation mindset where possible. This not only helps the client to save money in some instances but it also allows for more capacity for certain employees where manual processes are now improved by automated SQL, SAS or Python code.

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What analytical insights has Incline taught you?

I have learned quite a lot from my mentors and colleagues at Incline, if I had to pick just a couple of things it would probably be that reality is not always the most logical explanation but that the truth is in the data. Also spending time to fully understand a process and each column of a data table will help you see multiple solutions to one problem. Incline has also taught me to put myself in my client’s shoes, so that I can understand how to add value and not only provide a service.

Any advice for new analysts starting in the field?

Well yes there is one very important thing, do not ever take your work home! Constantly working and thinking about work can easily cause you to burn out. As an analyst your value lies in the quality of time spent not in the quantity of time spent, by not taking your work home you will automatically create a balance in life and a realization that if you only have 8 hours a day you would want to spend it adding value and solving problems but also being 100% present and focused while doing so.


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