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Date: 26th July, 2018

Written by: Amna Ghafeer

Every year for the past nine years, Incline has welcomed recent graduates or part-time students into the New Analyst Training Programme, following the completion of which candidates are selected to join the team as analysts.

This year saw the introduction of a new and improved training programme; a rigorous six month course designed to equip new interns with cutting edge analytical techniques, a professional work ethic and a strong communication portfolio. Incline’s training programme gives interns the rare chance to gain a comprehensive set of analytical skills relevant to today’s market, all while leveraging the many years of specialist in-house experience from senior analysts and directors in a friendly environment where curiosity is encouraged and individual strengths leveraged.

Incline’s directors Paul Shortridge and Maqbool Dalvie recognize the skills shortage in the local analytics space and aim to use the training programme to enable graduates from diverse backgrounds to enter the wider analytics field on a strong footing. The new programme was thus created with non-specialists in mind, and builds up from a basic coding foundation into creating solutions with SQL, Excel, R, Python and PowerBI using real life problems as exercises.

During the six months, interns are exposed to Incline’s areas of specialization and are trained to think critically about designing a solution with the potential client in mind. Interns are also provided with mentorship throughout the six months to help with adjusting to a new work environment and providing guidance along the way. 

The new programme pooled all of Incline’s resources, as well as from sister companies Reach Republic and TechnoCore. The modules are facilitated by senior analysts and directors in the three companies, and interns are required to present a solution at the end of each module. 

The result of six months’ hard work, dedication and climbing up a steep learning curve? A robust analyst with strong critical thinking skills and confidence to tackle new data problems head on.

For more information and to apply for Incline’s February 2019 intake contact