Become a Data Analyst with Incline

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Recognising the skills shortage in South African data analytics, Incline has always welcomed graduates and given them in-house training needed to compete in the analytical space. Over the years the training has evolved into a comprehensive 6 month internship.  The internship exposes new analysts to algorithmic coding, which is accelerated through the course into building real-world business solutions, with particular focus on SQL, Excel, R and Python.

Each module in the programme is centred on Incline’s core technical specialisations. At the end of each module, the interns deliver a presentation on how they critically engaged with a problem. The soft-skill presentation development is coupled with mentorship throughout the six months to help with adjusting to a new work environment and providing guidance along the way. At the end of six months, permanent offers are considered.

The result of six months’ hard work, dedication and climbing up a steep learning curve? A robust analyst with strong critical thinking skills and confidence to tackle new data problems head on.

See what the latest interns have to say about the programme here or what one of our senior analysts thinks you need to know when considering a career in data analytics.

Incline is currently accepting applications for the April 2020 programme. Send a CV and cover letter to by 29 February to be considered for the internship. Single-round interviews will take place during February and March 2020.