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letter from our ceo

For me it all started in October 2008 when my old friend, ex-colleague and fellow chemical engineering classmate called me up and said: “I am starting a marketing analytics company and the guys that were supposed to join me pulled out do you want to join”. Anyone that knows me would describe me as a conservative, risk averse person that prefers to do analysis rather than all the tasks that comes with being a worker in a small company. So why did I, who had a decent job at a petrochemical company with kid number 2 on the way, decide to join the maverick (not the dance club kind) known as Paul Shortridge. Well I am still not sure, maybe it was his persistence, maybe it was that his dreams were infectious, or maybe it was the concept of being in a company where I could influence the culture and its ethos. Incline has continued to build its reputation as a company that solves problems, our approach involves understanding the data and the processes that generate the data and to build solutions that address the real business challenges. We have solved challenges in financial services, in marketing, risk and fraud and continually look at expanding our service offering by tackling industries such as mining and FMCG.

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maqbool dalvie, CEO

incline group

Part of Incline’s original core offering was lead generation and technical expertise. These became so successful that in 2017 the Incline Group was formed consisting of Incline, Reach Republic, and Technocore.  The sister companies have continued to attain excellence as individual companies as well as working together to provide seamless support to clients. Reach Republic provides scalable POPI compliant leads and Technocore provides powerful, bespoke workflow systems.

CSI and Incline Academy

We consider giving back to be an integral part of our business. Outreach events have included supplying books to schools, helping out at a local retirement village, as well as planting trees at a school. We take great pride in helping the youth in South Africa grow and because of this have designed the Incline Academy where matriculants, who have failed maths and are struggling to enter tertiary institutions, are given maths tutoring and mentorship to help them re-write their exams. The programme runs from February to October each year; for more information email academy@incline.co.za.

Being out of high school and getting rejected from a tertiary institution killed my dreams and hopes but all thanks to Incline and the mentors for building my confidence. Having a second chance for me was a life time opportunity.